Businesses coach’s – Worth the Money, or Waste of Time?

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Many businesses go through certain stages.  Starting up is definitively the hardest part.  Once it has gained momentum, it is a matter of holding up and aiming always towards the top.

However, businesses tend to be volatile.  Today everything is blooming and rising.  But there are some other times in which hurricane season hits hard.  This is when an entrepreneur is tested.

Knowing what strategy to use and how to deal with hardships is pivotal to keeping the machinery afloat.  But sometimes, lack of experience and expertise determines if a business runs well or not.  Business owners then ask themselves:  Should I hire a business coach or is it just a waste of time.

Let us take a look at some pros and cons of hiring a business coach.

Pros of Hiring a Business Coach

There are so many benefits of hiring a business coach that you might wonder why you haven’t hired one yet.  Check out what you can get from an effective business coaching:

  • You will have someone to actively talk to.  Not only will a coach hear about your issues, failures, and concerns, but they will provide effective advice on the best approach.  Carol Greenaway, who specializes in executive coaching, to tell us that “a business coach is someone who will hear you and make notes during the process to address those issues effectively.”
  • The objective advice of a business coach is important and even better than any advice provided by your friends, for instance.
  • A strategic and effective plan.  There is no more empirical adventuring.  A business coach will help you elaborate a plan based on their experience and the best of their knowledge.  This plan will include objectives, goals, and action steps.
  • A positive accountability is necessary to assess the progress of a strategy implemented.  A business coach will help your business make changes and/or adaptations based on this assessment.  Sometimes, changes in staff, equipment, or some other resources might be required.
  • You get mentoring from a professional and an experienced person.  Business owners can take advantage of this mentoring to apply later on.  Not only will it benefit business development but personal development as well.
  • Knowledge is one thing that will benefit you greatly. This is why we emphasize it.  A business coach will provide not only the knowledge to add momentum to your business, but also the expertise and experience with the market.
  • Connections.  Sometimes the only way to get things done is by associating with other businesses or entities, not to form a partnership necessarily but to get things done.  You might probably need some help with getting some legal paperwork done or some accreditations.

Cons of Hiring a Business Coach

There might also be some mishaps at hiring a business coach.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Most coaches report that their main problem as coaches is finding clients.  If they have issues finding clients and increasing sales, what are the chances that they can help you?
  • Although coaches can be very helpful, most of them suffer from the same issue:  they do not have the necessary expertise when it comes to differentiation, sales, and niche marketing strategy.
  • Many times, the help a business coach can provide is far less than what the company needs.  This is why you should get yourself a business coach that has the required expertise.  Also, take a good look at their curriculum.

Do You Need a Business Coach?

This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself.  Sometimes you get down to think that getting a business coach can wind up being a waste of money.  Especially if you consider the precarious situation you find yourself into.

You can look for different coaches and hire the one that is best for your situation.  Remember, if they can guarantee success after their coaching, then it should be a good situation for you. If this guarantee cannot be held, then you are putting yourself in a risky situation.

Before hiring the services of a coach, check on others’ reviews.  If these are not available, it can mean that the coach has not had worthy experiences, he is not interested in you knowing what others think of them, or they have not had a sufficiently thick line of clients.

Do we Use Too Many Apps?

If you can think about it, you can make it.  This seems to be the philosophy of whoever develops an app.  With so many options to pick from, we feel tempted to downloading as many apps as we can.

This begs the question in the title: do we use too many apps?  Or, how many apps are just too many?  If you feel like you have this mobile device and that you can stuff it with as many apps as it can hold, we have news for you.  Having too many apps is not always a good thing.  Besides the fact that they slow down your phone, there are other factors that

Having too many apps is not always a good thing.  Besides the fact that they slow down your phone, there are other factors that you might want to consider next time you decide you want to have this other music app besides the three you already have.


The more the apps the greater the risk of having security breach issues.   This is because you are making your phone more vulnerable by increasing the chances of getting a malware.

But is not only this, some applications that do not update regularly can also leave your phone vulnerable to new attacks the old version of an app is not prepared to face.

Too Much Load

Most applications require installation on the phone’s hard drive for a better performance.  When you have too many of them, you start noticing that the phone has decreased its performance.

You also notice that it is more difficult to upload updates and you can no longer take photos.  That is because your phone’s memory is full.

More Difficult Navigation

As explained before, with too many apps installed on your phone, this one will tend to lag.  It will take more time to open an application or even switching from apps.

Having so many apps only make navigation more difficult also by making it harder for you to find the application you need.  You are only complicating yourself when you could easily only download those applications that you really need.


When many apps decide to update at the same time, it is a nightmare.  Unless you have auto-update off, whenever a set of apps are updating you will notice how your phone becomes slower.

Updating a lot of apps is time-consuming and in the meantime, your phone gets significantly slower.  Some applications require some privileges on their updates;  you will have to go one by one, which will also take a while.

Apps Run in the Background

There are only so many processes that your mobile phone can handle, but these will slow it down.  There is at least a small percent of the processes that applications run in the background.  Having too many apps will not only slow down your phone but will eat up your data.

Think of the RAM on your phone.  This is the memory that allows your apps to run.  If you have so many, consider how they will affect your phone’s performance.


Are we using too many apps?  Well, just check on your phone´s performance and go one by one.  If you have one too many for the same service, you probably have way too many.

If you would like to add a productive or fun app into the stash, you can always get help from AY Tech.  They will solve your every need for you fast and easy.

Creating a personal brand – how to market yourself on the internet

You probably have the best idea the world has ever seen.  It is so good that people need to see it.  Now, chances are that someone else somewhere has already had the idea, probably published it in a local newspaper but no buzz was generated.  There goes another great idea.

The first thing you should do before you market an idea or business is to market yourself.  Let people know what the real person is about.  You must create a personal brand and market yourself on the Internet.

Let me give you some basic tips on how to market yourself on the web.

What is branding?

Anything that separates one thing from another and makes it unique is branding.  It could be a reputation, employees, sound, a symbol or design, anything that sets it apart.

All businesses need to work on their branding.  This is what makes them think of things that set them apart from the competition.   But people is what others like working with.  Therefore, a personal branding before a company branding is important.

Why should you brand yourself?

Basically, because branding yourself offers you great business opportunities.  If people are able to identify you through a branding feature, you have gone a long way branding yourself.

For example, if you are looking for a job, you want your potential employers to identify you with a symbol that reminds them of what they need.  This will take them to you.

If you want to grow a company, you want potential investors to identify you with someone they can trust.

Creating a vision

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or 20 years?  This is part of your vision.  Do you see yourself in your own house, with a family, on a boat traveling the world?

Every company has clearly stated mission and vision.  It is the same with you as a person.  Even when you cannot control every aspect of your life, you can build a long-term vision and design the steps that you will need to get there.

Build your assets

Here we are talking about online and offline assets.  If you will be promoting yourself on a website, make sure you secure the name.  Also, secure social media accounts so that you can build your overall network.

Use social media

Social media is so powerful and effective.  All companies that have success as part of their goal will get there.   For you to have a better idea of what we are talking about here, do the following: Google your name.

Chances are that the first thing to appear in the search will be your social media profiles.  This is because Google places social media sites in high authority.

So probably the first thing you want to do is open a profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.   The keyword here is to be active on those platforms.

Good luck with your endeavors.  You can also get help with your advertising companies Vancouver to help you through.

Burp Cloths, Bibs and Diapers: Is it Too Expensive to be a Parent these Days?

For those who are planning to have a safe and happy baby, you have to realize that there are expenses associated with these little ones. Even finding the best baby bib can be time consuming considering all the brands competing for your attention. A simple thing as a diaper can already cost a lot, not to mention the food other essential needs.

Parenting Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

While all the basic needs of a child are increasing in terms of prices, parenting need not be expensive. There are ways to keep your expenses to a minimum. What makes parenting expensive is not the kids per se, it’s greed. Kids don’t need to wear designer clothes, its the parents whose pride needs to be massage from time to time that requires that.

They also don’t need thousand pieces of toys, they only need a handful that they can truly enjoy. What they need are real friends that they can play those toys with. When your kids have real friends, even with a few toys, you can really observe that they are enjoying their lives. Without friends, they will settle with gadgets and other things like TV that will take them our of outdoor life.

Kids also don’t need to be signed up to enrichment classes that will take them away from sunshine, fresh air, freedom to move and be creative. What they need is your attention and a space enough to explore and express their creativity.

If you focus on activities for enrichment and the requisite equipment that comes with it, that’s when parenting becomes expensive. When you follow the latest fads you’ve discovered online and on TV, that’s when parenting becomes expensive.

While you can’t get around the basic stuff, you don’t really need to provide your kids with everything. It has been discovered that children who are given a lot of stuff grow up into spoiled adults. They are so demanding and feels entitled to things because that’s how they are trained to believe. On the other hand, kids who are used to minimum stuff and have real friends know how to get along with people and grow up to be mature adults.

They know how to deal with the hardships in life because they are not dependent on things. They know how to maintain friends because that is what they grew up with. Things and stuff don’t make mature children, experience does. If your child is too protected and dependent on you, that’s when parenting can be expensive.

Do you want to raise matured children and avoid spending too much? Avoid pampering your children with things. Let them go out to their friends and play real games. Let them experience what it is to be outside the home. As long as you can keep them safe, it’s perfectly fine to let your child play real games and sweat out. In fact, it’s even healthier that way.

Making a home secure for at risk seniors

For many seniors who are undergoing home care, maintaining happiness at home means safety and security. Most seniors want to remain in their homes but it can also be a challenge for people taking care of them since they tend to forget a lot of things and are no longer as coordinated with their movements.

Adding safety features in the home is essential for them to live comfortably and for you to have the peace of mind. Here are some safety features that experts have laid out to provide a stable environment for your elders at home.

  1. Add brighter lighting

As their vision begins to blur, picking up the things that they want becomes more of a challenge. A lot of adults fall each year and accidents like this have major consequences. With brighter lighting, things will definitely become easier and accidents can be avoided. Lights that turn on and off to the touch are good options and more comfortable to use.

  1. Ensure floor are safe

Avoid making the floor too shiny with wax as it becomes slippery. Make sure floors are kept dry because tiled floors are also slippery when wet. You can use nonslip mats in these areas including the bathroom and kitchen.

  1. Provide fire prevention system in the kitchen

It’s easy to be forgetful when age catches up and age-related conditions like dementia can only make it worst. You can prevent hazards in the kitchen such as when the stove is left on by putting fire prevention system in the kitchen. You can opt for temperature controlled cookware or install a fire alarm. You can also opt for stoves that automatically turns off once cooking is done.

  1. Install medical alarm system

If an accident did occur, call you on the phone might be too difficult for your elders. Having a medical alarm system that they can just press when they need help will really make the difference. Medical alarm system really came a long way since their invention. Some of it now come with GPS tracking system that you can sync with your smartphone.

  1. Install fall proofing in the bathroom

Falls in the bathroom are frequent for seniors particularly because it’s slippery and some of them might be groggy with the medicines that they are taking. Handles on the tab and every difficult area of the bathroom can really help with preventing injuries. Without these handles, you will end up assisting your seniors whenever they need to go to the bathroom.

  1. Install devices for unique needs

You might want to provide your parents with a smartphone with a loud ring tone if they have hearing issues. A flashing light when the doorbell is ringing will also help. Some equipment that you can install allows caregiving even from a distance. Some of it provides 24/7 emergency response in case of intrusion, medical emergency, and fire.

These are some of the things that you can do to provide safety and security for your seniors at home. How about you, do you want to share your thoughts?

Transitioning your summer patio to winter – five tips for the fall

When it comes to the change of weather, there is no such thing, I’m always ready. Transitioning from summer to winter may sound cool and fun. But you should know by now that you need to get your garden and your patio ready. The change of temperature is definitely not good to some plants, so you need to do something about it.

To begin with, you need to start preparing your patio and your garden for the fall season. So before the temperature drops, you still have to think about the fall. Let’s check out some tips and ideas for the coming fall.

Cleaning is important. After a long hot summer, your patio definitely needs a lot of washing. Yes, real washing. The dirt that had built up over time should be out before the fall comes. Power washing is one of the latest cleaning technology use to remove deep-seated dirt.

Manage the garden. Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the garden and all the plants within. You know how hard it is for some plants to survive. Thus, you need to start planting fall flowers. You can find several plants and flowers that work well with fall and even for the coming winter. Marigolds for instance. You just need to make sure that all your plants survive the change of weather. And some, you surely need to move them indoors.

Storing stuff. Since the summer season is over, you definitely don’t need some of the hot summer stuff outside your patio. From your big umbrella to your grill, they all need to be cleaned up, keep try and stored properly. You definitely don’t want your stuff be left outside when the leaves and snow start falling.

Install a canopy. This is one amazing idea when the fall is fast approaching. Installing a canopy is such a great idea. Some houses even install temporary or detachable canopies that they can keep or take out anytime they want. Having a canopy outside for the fall or winter can at least minimize or regulate the temperature.

The design. You don’t necessarily need to revamp or renovate your entire patio every time the weather changes, but you can at least choose a design that works for every season. Some landscaping Vancouver experts will be able to give you recommendations on what design to choose that highly flexible and convertible.

Preparing your patio for the fall is really important. If you want to keep your garden and all your things outdoor protected, you better start moving. Before the long cold season start, you need to make all the necessary preparation. You should know how important to clear out your patio before the leaves starts falling or even before the snow starts to fall. Although every year the fall comes, you definitely can be ready enough. But at least you have the idea about how to things less stressful and less expensive. Start preparing your patio today. It will surely save you money and energy.



Five ways to spruce up your backyard for summer

Summer may be nearing its end but depending on where you live you have a little more time to create that perfect backyard you’ve always wanted. Imagine waking up in the morning to the view of your perfectly cultivated garden, with a retaining wall, stylishly tiled patio and outdoor fireplace that you can spend the whole day relaxing in. you don’t need to break the bank or your back with a few changes. Depending on your budget, timeframe and the amount of space you have you’re sure to find something right for you. To give you that extra little motivation here are five ways that you can change your entire backyard and create a whole new experience for you and any guests.

Add a tiled patio

If you’ve got the space for it and the investment needed (whether in time or money) then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start with a patio. The creative ideas for this are almost unlimited and if you add tiles or stonework then you can create beautiful and unique designs that can make your whole property stand out from your neighbours. This is something you can either do yourself or call a professional contractor like Centuria Masonry to do.

Upgrade your outdoor furnishings

If your current furnishings are starting to fade and lose their lustre then a quick trip to your local Ikea or department store will take care of that. If you’re making large renovations to your backyard then it’s a good idea to choose a theme which will help guide the process. Some new outdoor furnishings like deck chairs, dining areas and even a hammock can make a big difference.

New lighting

For an easy and affordable change in atmosphere add some new lighting setups. Depending on the style you’re going for there are plenty of options for this. Overhanging lights are great for dining areas, tikka torches can make a great walkway along a garden path and if you install solar-powered lights you’ll also cut down on energy costs

Retaining/stacked wall

This kind of project can prove very fulfilling once completed. Depending on your location you may be better suited for a dry stack wall or retaining wall. For a retaining wall, you’ll need a good slope gradient to make sure the wall is stable. You’ll also need all the right equipment and supplies if you’re to do it yourself or you can have a professional job done by masonry contractors.

Plant a flower bed

Nobody likes to walk through an almost lifeless garden where the only thing of color is the grass. A few flower beds placed carefully around a backyard can radically alter the look and feel of it. This can also be incorporated with a stone wall idea to create flower beds around the wall or lanes of flowers moving adjacent to the wall. There’s a lot of room for creativity here and with just a little maintenance it can last year after year.

How to make your home more energy efficient

If you’re having trouble keeping your energy bills under control then you may want to consider energy saving alternatives. There are many options available, some better than others. What will suit you best though depends on your own unique situation. This is why a bit of research can pay off big time. Making your home more energy efficient will also be better for the environment and help reduce your carbon footprint. To help give you some ideas this article will outline four ways you can make your home more energy efficient.

Install a retractable awning

A retractable awning not only makes a stylish addition to any backyard patio it also helps save on utility bills. This works regardless of your climate though only when the awning is retractable. If you live in a temperate climate or somewhere that is prone to summer heat waves than an awning can help cut your air-conditioning bills significantly. It’s been worked out that for south facing windows the level of direct heat hitting a window can be cut by as much as 70 percent. Considering that your air-conditioner expands up to 20 percent more energy when direct sunlight strikes your window this can add up to significant savings over a year. During the colder winter months, the awning can then be retracted to allow more sunlight in which will help cut your heating bills. All this plus a stylish feature for your patio can be had with a retractable awning.


Get an energy audit

Call an HVAC contractor (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) for an energy audit. Many of your home appliances could be getting old and inefficient. As heating and cooling systems get older they begin to lose some of their effectiveness. Sometimes it can be just dirt clogging up the air filters, other times it can be something more serious. Many HVAC contractors will do an energy audit free of charge so that you can know where your systems are costing you money. For an additional fee, they can do an analysis of your entire system as a whole and compare it with your utility bills to see where improvements can be made.

Use mother nature

Here’s a seemingly novel idea. You can cut your energy bills by employing mother nature as your friend. A few trees positioned strategically around your home can reduce energy costs by as much as 25 percent for your heating and cooling.


Replace or upgrade your windows

If your windows are bit old and leaky you might consider upgrading to more energy efficient models. Double glazed windows can add up to big savings in the long run. Make sure to shop around for energy efficient windows and note the associated costs of replacements. Depending on your situation it may not be cost effective to replace all your windows but if you have no plans to sell then it makes sense to make this investment as soon as possible.

The newest hairstyle trend will surprise you!

Trends always come and go. Recent years though have seen an increase in one that is showing no signs of going anywhere yet. The gradient hair style of Balayage has been around since the late 80’s but has really hit American shores in the last decade thanks to some A-list celebrities that first started sporting it. While the solid all-over color of foil-highlights are still the most common hair dyeing style around, the softer more natural look of Balayage is gaining traction fast.

There are some pretty good reasons for this. Balayage does carry a very natural look which can be applied to almost any hairstyle, though it suits long hair best. The grown out, slightly unkempt look with its sun-kissed sheen adds a depth and dimension that you just can’t get with regular foils. It’s also incredibly low-maintenance. No need for a trip to the salon every few weeks. You may need a few follow up appointments until you get the color saturation you’re looking for but once that’s achieved you can go months before needed to see a salon for anything other than a slight touch up or trim. Be warned, if the thought of Balayage style entices you make sure you don’t have a haircut appointment soon afterwards. Because the dye is set at the ends of the hair a haircut is only removing all those ends you just got dyed. Sounds obvious I know but believe me I know people who have made this mistake!

What is Balayage?

It’s a French word that means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint.’ Instead of the dye being heavily applied to the roots like traditional foil-highlights the dye is instead applied lightly to the surface layer of the hair from the mid points down to the ends. Hair is sectioned off and done freehand. As each section is finished it is covered in cellophane. Since it’s less symmetrical than highlights you end up with more random and less symmetrical highlights that give a very casual appearance. It gives a natural sun-kissed look the same as if you had spent several months in the tropics. It’s a less is more, softer, natural look.

It can be done at home and isn’t too difficult if you’ve done your own highlighting before. Just make sure you read the instructions for the Balayage kit carefully and watch a few videos first before starting. For best results, of course, nothing beats a professional salon. Salons for Balayage in Vancouver are in high demand as the hairstyle trend grows. A professional can carefully match the highlights to your natural skin tone and create an amazing look that is sure to turn heads.

As said it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It still retains its natural look as it grows out with no striking regrowth line. All you really need to do it protect it with color protecting shampoo and condition and heat protection when styling.

It’s been around for some years already and looks set to be with us for quite a while yet. Stylists are already looking for new styles that could take it to another level.

Could there be mold in your carpets?

Carpets have the potential of accumulating humidity and dirt.  This creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow.  If your floor is carpeted, you know that it requires special maintenance.  But the best carpet cleaners in Yorkville will have you covered with that.

Now, it is still imperative that you are able to identify if there is mold formation taking place on your carpet.  More importantly, you should be savvy about how to prevent it from happening.

Prevent the formation of mold on your carpet

Given that your carpet, more than anything else in your house, has the potential of growing and harboring mold, then follow these ideas to prevent that from happening:

  • Control moisture.  If there is one thing that mold needs to grow, that is moisture.  Make sure then that your carpet is always dry.  If there is a spill or something that wets your carpet, dry it immediately.
  • Make sure your carpet gets proper ventilation.  Placing a carpet in a room where air does not circulate will make the carpet smell funny.
  • Take care of the surroundings of your home.  Mold grows not only on carpets but pretty much anywhere where there is a decent amount of water.
  • Repair roof gutters or any water leak.  An incessant supply of water onto your carpet is not a good thing to have.  Just make sure to keep moisture away from the carpet.  You do have noticed that I have mentioned moisture a lot, right?  That is because, without water, these organisms die.
  • Of course, keep your carpets clean all the time.  Make them always look impeccable.

When your carpet gets mold

So you just realized these dark patches that you have not seen before.  In your house. On your carpet.  Hey, but don´t panic. You will see how easy it is to setup and get rid of mold.  At this point, you are all about removing the mold that just formed.

Follow these steps:

  • Get some rubber gloves;  the spores can be airborne and land on you.  Do not risks getting too close to the product as you can carry germs with you.
  • The solution you are preparing is with 1/4 cup of bleach, 1 quart of warm water, and 1/4 tsp. mild dishwashing liquid
  • Mix the ingredients, prepare the solution and put it in a spray bottle.   Apply over the affected area.
  • Repeat the procedure again until you don´t see any mold.

Learn how to best take care of your carpet.  Do not let moisture get anywhere close and keep any food away from it.