Burp Cloths, Bibs and Diapers: Is it Too Expensive to be a Parent these Days?

For those who are planning to have a safe and happy baby, you have to realize that there are expenses associated with these little ones. Even finding the best baby bib can be time consuming considering all the brands competing for your attention. A simple thing as a diaper can already cost a lot, not to mention the food other essential needs.

Parenting Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

While all the basic needs of a child are increasing in terms of prices, parenting need not be expensive. There are ways to keep your expenses to a minimum. What makes parenting expensive is not the kids per se, it’s greed. Kids don’t need to wear designer clothes, its the parents whose pride needs to be massage from time to time that requires that.

They also don’t need thousand pieces of toys, they only need a handful that they can truly enjoy. What they need are real friends that they can play those toys with. When your kids have real friends, even with a few toys, you can really observe that they are enjoying their lives. Without friends, they will settle with gadgets and other things like TV that will take them our of outdoor life.

Kids also don’t need to be signed up to enrichment classes that will take them away from sunshine, fresh air, freedom to move and be creative. What they need is your attention and a space enough to explore and express their creativity.

If you focus on activities for enrichment and the requisite equipment that comes with it, that’s when parenting becomes expensive. When you follow the latest fads you’ve discovered online and on TV, that’s when parenting becomes expensive.

While you can’t get around the basic stuff, you don’t really need to provide your kids with everything. It has been discovered that children who are given a lot of stuff grow up into spoiled adults. They are so demanding and feels entitled to things because that’s how they are trained to believe. On the other hand, kids who are used to minimum stuff and have real friends know how to get along with people and grow up to be mature adults.

They know how to deal with the hardships in life because they are not dependent on things. They know how to maintain friends because that is what they grew up with. Things and stuff don’t make mature children, experience does. If your child is too protected and dependent on you, that’s when parenting can be expensive.

Do you want to raise matured children and avoid spending too much? Avoid pampering your children with things. Let them go out to their friends and play real games. Let them experience what it is to be outside the home. As long as you can keep them safe, it’s perfectly fine to let your child play real games and sweat out. In fact, it’s even healthier that way.