Could there be mold in your carpets?

Carpets have the potential of accumulating humidity and dirt.  This creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow.  If your floor is carpeted, you know that it requires special maintenance.  But the best carpet cleaners in Yorkville will have you covered with that.

Now, it is still imperative that you are able to identify if there is mold formation taking place on your carpet.  More importantly, you should be savvy about how to prevent it from happening.

Prevent the formation of mold on your carpet

Given that your carpet, more than anything else in your house, has the potential of growing and harboring mold, then follow these ideas to prevent that from happening:

  • Control moisture.  If there is one thing that mold needs to grow, that is moisture.  Make sure then that your carpet is always dry.  If there is a spill or something that wets your carpet, dry it immediately.
  • Make sure your carpet gets proper ventilation.  Placing a carpet in a room where air does not circulate will make the carpet smell funny.
  • Take care of the surroundings of your home.  Mold grows not only on carpets but pretty much anywhere where there is a decent amount of water.
  • Repair roof gutters or any water leak.  An incessant supply of water onto your carpet is not a good thing to have.  Just make sure to keep moisture away from the carpet.  You do have noticed that I have mentioned moisture a lot, right?  That is because, without water, these organisms die.
  • Of course, keep your carpets clean all the time.  Make them always look impeccable.

When your carpet gets mold

So you just realized these dark patches that you have not seen before.  In your house. On your carpet.  Hey, but don´t panic. You will see how easy it is to setup and get rid of mold.  At this point, you are all about removing the mold that just formed.

Follow these steps:

  • Get some rubber gloves;  the spores can be airborne and land on you.  Do not risks getting too close to the product as you can carry germs with you.
  • The solution you are preparing is with 1/4 cup of bleach, 1 quart of warm water, and 1/4 tsp. mild dishwashing liquid
  • Mix the ingredients, prepare the solution and put it in a spray bottle.   Apply over the affected area.
  • Repeat the procedure again until you don´t see any mold.

Learn how to best take care of your carpet.  Do not let moisture get anywhere close and keep any food away from it.