Creating a personal brand – how to market yourself on the internet

You probably have the best idea the world has ever seen.  It is so good that people need to see it.  Now, chances are that someone else somewhere has already had the idea, probably published it in a local newspaper but no buzz was generated.  There goes another great idea.

The first thing you should do before you market an idea or business is to market yourself.  Let people know what the real person is about.  You must create a personal brand and market yourself on the Internet.

Let me give you some basic tips on how to market yourself on the web.

What is branding?

Anything that separates one thing from another and makes it unique is branding.  It could be a reputation, employees, sound, a symbol or design, anything that sets it apart.

All businesses need to work on their branding.  This is what makes them think of things that set them apart from the competition.   But people is what others like working with.  Therefore, a personal branding before a company branding is important.

Why should you brand yourself?

Basically, because branding yourself offers you great business opportunities.  If people are able to identify you through a branding feature, you have gone a long way branding yourself.

For example, if you are looking for a job, you want your potential employers to identify you with a symbol that reminds them of what they need.  This will take them to you.

If you want to grow a company, you want potential investors to identify you with someone they can trust.

Creating a vision

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or 20 years?  This is part of your vision.  Do you see yourself in your own house, with a family, on a boat traveling the world?

Every company has clearly stated mission and vision.  It is the same with you as a person.  Even when you cannot control every aspect of your life, you can build a long-term vision and design the steps that you will need to get there.

Build your assets

Here we are talking about online and offline assets.  If you will be promoting yourself on a website, make sure you secure the name.  Also, secure social media accounts so that you can build your overall network.

Use social media

Social media is so powerful and effective.  All companies that have success as part of their goal will get there.   For you to have a better idea of what we are talking about here, do the following: Google your name.

Chances are that the first thing to appear in the search will be your social media profiles.  This is because Google places social media sites in high authority.

So probably the first thing you want to do is open a profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.   The keyword here is to be active on those platforms.

Good luck with your endeavors.  You can also get help with your advertising companies Vancouver to help you through.