Do we Use Too Many Apps?

If you can think about it, you can make it.  This seems to be the philosophy of whoever develops an app.  With so many options to pick from, we feel tempted to downloading as many apps as we can.

This begs the question in the title: do we use too many apps?  Or, how many apps are just too many?  If you feel like you have this mobile device and that you can stuff it with as many apps as it can hold, we have news for you.  Having too many apps is not always a good thing.  Besides the fact that they slow down your phone, there are other factors that

Having too many apps is not always a good thing.  Besides the fact that they slow down your phone, there are other factors that you might want to consider next time you decide you want to have this other music app besides the three you already have.


The more the apps the greater the risk of having security breach issues.   This is because you are making your phone more vulnerable by increasing the chances of getting a malware.

But is not only this, some applications that do not update regularly can also leave your phone vulnerable to new attacks the old version of an app is not prepared to face.

Too Much Load

Most applications require installation on the phone’s hard drive for a better performance.  When you have too many of them, you start noticing that the phone has decreased its performance.

You also notice that it is more difficult to upload updates and you can no longer take photos.  That is because your phone’s memory is full.

More Difficult Navigation

As explained before, with too many apps installed on your phone, this one will tend to lag.  It will take more time to open an application or even switching from apps.

Having so many apps only make navigation more difficult also by making it harder for you to find the application you need.  You are only complicating yourself when you could easily only download those applications that you really need.


When many apps decide to update at the same time, it is a nightmare.  Unless you have auto-update off, whenever a set of apps are updating you will notice how your phone becomes slower.

Updating a lot of apps is time-consuming and in the meantime, your phone gets significantly slower.  Some applications require some privileges on their updates;  you will have to go one by one, which will also take a while.

Apps Run in the Background

There are only so many processes that your mobile phone can handle, but these will slow it down.  There is at least a small percent of the processes that applications run in the background.  Having too many apps will not only slow down your phone but will eat up your data.

Think of the RAM on your phone.  This is the memory that allows your apps to run.  If you have so many, consider how they will affect your phone’s performance.


Are we using too many apps?  Well, just check on your phone´s performance and go one by one.  If you have one too many for the same service, you probably have way too many.

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