Five ways to spruce up your backyard for summer

Summer may be nearing its end but depending on where you live you have a little more time to create that perfect backyard you’ve always wanted. Imagine waking up in the morning to the view of your perfectly cultivated garden, with a retaining wall, stylishly tiled patio and outdoor fireplace that you can spend the whole day relaxing in. you don’t need to break the bank or your back with a few changes. Depending on your budget, timeframe and the amount of space you have you’re sure to find something right for you. To give you that extra little motivation here are five ways that you can change your entire backyard and create a whole new experience for you and any guests.

Add a tiled patio

If you’ve got the space for it and the investment needed (whether in time or money) then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start with a patio. The creative ideas for this are almost unlimited and if you add tiles or stonework then you can create beautiful and unique designs that can make your whole property stand out from your neighbours. This is something you can either do yourself or call a professional contractor like Centuria Masonry to do.

Upgrade your outdoor furnishings

If your current furnishings are starting to fade and lose their lustre then a quick trip to your local Ikea or department store will take care of that. If you’re making large renovations to your backyard then it’s a good idea to choose a theme which will help guide the process. Some new outdoor furnishings like deck chairs, dining areas and even a hammock can make a big difference.

New lighting

For an easy and affordable change in atmosphere add some new lighting setups. Depending on the style you’re going for there are plenty of options for this. Overhanging lights are great for dining areas, tikka torches can make a great walkway along a garden path and if you install solar-powered lights you’ll also cut down on energy costs

Retaining/stacked wall

This kind of project can prove very fulfilling once completed. Depending on your location you may be better suited for a dry stack wall or retaining wall. For a retaining wall, you’ll need a good slope gradient to make sure the wall is stable. You’ll also need all the right equipment and supplies if you’re to do it yourself or you can have a professional job done by masonry contractors.

Plant a flower bed

Nobody likes to walk through an almost lifeless garden where the only thing of color is the grass. A few flower beds placed carefully around a backyard can radically alter the look and feel of it. This can also be incorporated with a stone wall idea to create flower beds around the wall or lanes of flowers moving adjacent to the wall. There’s a lot of room for creativity here and with just a little maintenance it can last year after year.