How to make your home more energy efficient

If you’re having trouble keeping your energy bills under control then you may want to consider energy saving alternatives. There are many options available, some better than others. What will suit you best though depends on your own unique situation. This is why a bit of research can pay off big time. Making your home more energy efficient will also be better for the environment and help reduce your carbon footprint. To help give you some ideas this article will outline four ways you can make your home more energy efficient.

Install a retractable awning

A retractable awning not only makes a stylish addition to any backyard patio it also helps save on utility bills. This works regardless of your climate though only when the awning is retractable. If you live in a temperate climate or somewhere that is prone to summer heat waves than an awning can help cut your air-conditioning bills significantly. It’s been worked out that for south facing windows the level of direct heat hitting a window can be cut by as much as 70 percent. Considering that your air-conditioner expands up to 20 percent more energy when direct sunlight strikes your window this can add up to significant savings over a year. During the colder winter months, the awning can then be retracted to allow more sunlight in which will help cut your heating bills. All this plus a stylish feature for your patio can be had with a retractable awning.


Get an energy audit

Call an HVAC contractor (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) for an energy audit. Many of your home appliances could be getting old and inefficient. As heating and cooling systems get older they begin to lose some of their effectiveness. Sometimes it can be just dirt clogging up the air filters, other times it can be something more serious. Many HVAC contractors will do an energy audit free of charge so that you can know where your systems are costing you money. For an additional fee, they can do an analysis of your entire system as a whole and compare it with your utility bills to see where improvements can be made.

Use mother nature

Here’s a seemingly novel idea. You can cut your energy bills by employing mother nature as your friend. A few trees positioned strategically around your home can reduce energy costs by as much as 25 percent for your heating and cooling.


Replace or upgrade your windows

If your windows are bit old and leaky you might consider upgrading to more energy efficient models. Double glazed windows can add up to big savings in the long run. Make sure to shop around for energy efficient windows and note the associated costs of replacements. Depending on your situation it may not be cost effective to replace all your windows but if you have no plans to sell then it makes sense to make this investment as soon as possible.