Making a home secure for at risk seniors

For many seniors who are undergoing home care, maintaining happiness at home means safety and security. Most seniors want to remain in their homes but it can also be a challenge for people taking care of them since they tend to forget a lot of things and are no longer as coordinated with their movements.

Adding safety features in the home is essential for them to live comfortably and for you to have the peace of mind. Here are some safety features that experts have laid out to provide a stable environment for your elders at home.

  1. Add brighter lighting

As their vision begins to blur, picking up the things that they want becomes more of a challenge. A lot of adults fall each year and accidents like this have major consequences. With brighter lighting, things will definitely become easier and accidents can be avoided. Lights that turn on and off to the touch are good options and more comfortable to use.

  1. Ensure floor are safe

Avoid making the floor too shiny with wax as it becomes slippery. Make sure floors are kept dry because tiled floors are also slippery when wet. You can use nonslip mats in these areas including the bathroom and kitchen.

  1. Provide fire prevention system in the kitchen

It’s easy to be forgetful when age catches up and age-related conditions like dementia can only make it worst. You can prevent hazards in the kitchen such as when the stove is left on by putting fire prevention system in the kitchen. You can opt for temperature controlled cookware or install a fire alarm. You can also opt for stoves that automatically turns off once cooking is done.

  1. Install medical alarm system

If an accident did occur, call you on the phone might be too difficult for your elders. Having a medical alarm system that they can just press when they need help will really make the difference. Medical alarm system really came a long way since their invention. Some of it now come with GPS tracking system that you can sync with your smartphone.

  1. Install fall proofing in the bathroom

Falls in the bathroom are frequent for seniors particularly because it’s slippery and some of them might be groggy with the medicines that they are taking. Handles on the tab and every difficult area of the bathroom can really help with preventing injuries. Without these handles, you will end up assisting your seniors whenever they need to go to the bathroom.

  1. Install devices for unique needs

You might want to provide your parents with a smartphone with a loud ring tone if they have hearing issues. A flashing light when the doorbell is ringing will also help. Some equipment that you can install allows caregiving even from a distance. Some of it provides 24/7 emergency response in case of intrusion, medical emergency, and fire.

These are some of the things that you can do to provide safety and security for your seniors at home. How about you, do you want to share your thoughts?