The newest hairstyle trend will surprise you!

Trends always come and go. Recent years though have seen an increase in one that is showing no signs of going anywhere yet. The gradient hair style of Balayage has been around since the late 80’s but has really hit American shores in the last decade thanks to some A-list celebrities that first started sporting it. While the solid all-over color of foil-highlights are still the most common hair dyeing style around, the softer more natural look of Balayage is gaining traction fast.

There are some pretty good reasons for this. Balayage does carry a very natural look which can be applied to almost any hairstyle, though it suits long hair best. The grown out, slightly unkempt look with its sun-kissed sheen adds a depth and dimension that you just can’t get with regular foils. It’s also incredibly low-maintenance. No need for a trip to the salon every few weeks. You may need a few follow up appointments until you get the color saturation you’re looking for but once that’s achieved you can go months before needed to see a salon for anything other than a slight touch up or trim. Be warned, if the thought of Balayage style entices you make sure you don’t have a haircut appointment soon afterwards. Because the dye is set at the ends of the hair a haircut is only removing all those ends you just got dyed. Sounds obvious I know but believe me I know people who have made this mistake!

What is Balayage?

It’s a French word that means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint.’ Instead of the dye being heavily applied to the roots like traditional foil-highlights the dye is instead applied lightly to the surface layer of the hair from the mid points down to the ends. Hair is sectioned off and done freehand. As each section is finished it is covered in cellophane. Since it’s less symmetrical than highlights you end up with more random and less symmetrical highlights that give a very casual appearance. It gives a natural sun-kissed look the same as if you had spent several months in the tropics. It’s a less is more, softer, natural look.

It can be done at home and isn’t too difficult if you’ve done your own highlighting before. Just make sure you read the instructions for the Balayage kit carefully and watch a few videos first before starting. For best results, of course, nothing beats a professional salon. Salons for Balayage in Vancouver are in high demand as the hairstyle trend grows. A professional can carefully match the highlights to your natural skin tone and create an amazing look that is sure to turn heads.

As said it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It still retains its natural look as it grows out with no striking regrowth line. All you really need to do it protect it with color protecting shampoo and condition and heat protection when styling.

It’s been around for some years already and looks set to be with us for quite a while yet. Stylists are already looking for new styles that could take it to another level.